Bowling Night

Chief Wiggum: Hey, I just heard about it over the squawk box. That’s some nice work, Simpson.
Homer: Yes, it is nice work.
Apu: Oh, Homer. I just heard about the little bundle of joy.
Homer: It’s true, the bundle is little, but I’m not in it for the money.
Moe: Hey Homer, way to get Marge pregnant!
Homer: This is becoming very abstract, but thank you, I do enjoy working at the bowling alley! –The Simpsons

This week has been super busy at work. I guess it’s the mad rush at the end of the year before the holidays. I was so happy when Friday finally came and we could have some much needed fun. This week Match finished his final exam, and finally completed his fire academy, yay! The only thing left is his live fire, which is today.So last night we had much to celebrate and we decided to get the old group together for a night of bowling. It was Brazil and Bearded Guy, Old Married Couple, and a few other couples I’ve known for a long time. I had made Brazil a present for Christmas, a photo book of all of our friends throughout the years. Everyone had fun looking at old school pictures of everyone that I took with my Canon camera. Match and Old Couple Husband spent the whole game ripping on each other and joking around. It’s so nice that my old friends have accepted Match so completely.

Brazil was looking cute as could be with her little pregnant bump. I was teasing her that it looked like she was smuggling in a bowling ball under her shirt. 🙂 Looking around at the group, it was fun to see that even though there have been two marriages and one baby on the way, the basic dynamics haven’t changed. Except now instead of being the only single girl with all my couple friends, I finally have my Match there with me.

We didn’t stay out too long because of Match’s early morning at the live fire. We still had a great time hanging out with the crew, and Match even tied with Old Couple Husband.

Today Match is going to be in a room that is going to be purposely lit on fire. I can’t help but be incredibly worried, and I will feel so relieved when he gets home safe. I know that this is the career path he has chosen, but knowing he’s going to be putting his life in danger every day is going to take some getting used to.

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    Coast Sister

    He’ll do fine, and be fine. It’s a controlled fire so there shouldn’t be much to worry about. It’s when he’s going into a for real live fire that you you can grit your teeth.

    SO glad that you had such a wonderful time out with friends. I think it was much needed and much deserved.

    5 days until Christmas. AHHH!!!

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