The Office Christmas Party

(after Margaret had gotten drunk and thought she had sung karaoke) Actually, you just grabbed a skinny bald guy around the neck and started screaming into the top of his head. -Linda, Becker

Well as you can tell from Coast Sister’s comments on the last post, Match PASSED! He came home and he was all bubbly and excited. Then he asked me to pull a prank on his family, something I had no desire to do. I was begging him not to make me do it, but he insisted that it would just be so funny. So he makes me call his family, and they all get on speaker phone. Mom, dad, and Sister, and they all want to hear how his test went. Then Match made me say, “Well, he’s really upset because he didn’t pass.”

So then I could practically hear their hearts stop beating I swear. After a pause, his mom says in a very distraught voice, “Is there anyway he can make it up?” I looked with panic at Match and he finally grab the phone laughing. I was so mad at him! His dad said that I’m not welcome at their house anymore. I know he was joking, but I was still upset. I am a horrible liar, and I shake when I’m upset, yes, just like a Chihuahua! So Match was cracking up and found the whole thing to be hysterical.

After the prank phone call, Match and I headed to San Francisco for my company’s Christmas party. Just a word of advice, to anyone thinking of driving in SF during the holiday season-DON’T. Traffic was horrific, and the pedestrians must have had death wishes the way they were jumping in front of cars, it was frightening. Mix that with my incredible need to pee and we had a really rough trip!

We finally got there uninjured and with dry pants (by some miracle) and were only a few minutes late to dinner. We were served tones of food, and also lots of wine. 🙂 Match got along great with everyone, which was no surprise to me.

After dinner a big group of us, including my manager, the owner of the company, and a few coworkers all trekked over to this seedy lil karaoke bar. It was super dirty, and some of the people running the place were really rude. Still we had a good time singing-the owner even sang a song! It was definitely something else to see this really serious business man dancing around on stage and singing to the Police. It was a good thing I had enough flash memory on my camera, because you can bet your butt I got video of that!! My coworker and I sang Picture, and then I got up and sang Sheryl Crow’s version of Sweet Child of Mine. I had the crowd going, and it was fun to watch my coworkers surprise when they heard me sing. They’re used to a fairly quiet girl with a high speaking voice. I have a deep singing voice, and I’m used to surprising people when I sing. It was a crack up to see their faces!

Match passed the coworker test, and his practical, just like I knew he would. All and all, it was another great night for me and my Match.


    Heather Leigh

    Awww, that’s freakin’ awesome! I love karaoke. I’m awful, but I still love it! I would have absolutely refused to play the prank, I would’ve felt so awful….I’m really sensitive, joking or not, being told I’m not welcome would’ve hurt my feelings. However it makes me super stoked to see how things are going for you and Match. Really, a great start to the Christmas holiday (well, now that it’s SO close now). 😉

    Coast Sister

    “We finally got there uninjured and with dry pants (by some miracle)…”

    Damn you. I cracked up pretty loud at work.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. And your singing voice isn’t super low or anything. It’s just not AS high pitched as your speaking voice. But you do have an amazing voice. 🙂


    karaoke AND a road trip…now there is a test. nice one.


    That’s great ~ I’m so glad it went good! Now you two need to go out and celebrate then relax!!

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