Poker Night

[The gang is playing poker.]
Rachel: I will see you… and I’ll raise you. What do you say… want to waste another buck?
Ross: No, not this time. [he folds] So what’d you have?
Rachel: I’m not telling.
Ross: Come on, show them to me. [He reaches for her cards. Rachel covers them up]
Rachel: No!
Ross: Show them to me!
Rachel: Get your hands out of there! No!
Ross: Let me see! Show them!
Chandler: You know, I’ve had dates like this.                                                                 –Friends

Last night Match, his sister and I all went to Match’s friend’s house for a game of poker. Match’s friend was his old lacrosse buddy in high school and college, and is a really cool guy. LAX Guy has a girlfriend who is always baking something when we go visit. Baker Chic and LAX are constantly inviting us to hang out, and because of Match’s schedule we can rarely go. They are both a little bit younger than us too, and it seems like they have a lot more energy for staying up late compared to us. Hopefully when Match is done with fire academy we’ll have more time to hang out.

So last night Baker Chic was curled up in the living room reading Twilight which cracked me up. She was all excited because I’d told her about the series. I don’t think I’ve blogged about my Twilight obsession which I blame (or credit) entirely on Coast Sister. She sent me the book in the mail as one of her random just because gifts and she said I just had to read it. I was quickly hooked, and ended up ordering the entire series and preordering the 4th book. Coast Sister and I would have long discussions about each of the books and drool over Edward. I also got Mama Drama hooked on the series, and I’ve told Couple Wife and Baker Chic about them too. So it was fun to learn that BC loved the book, and nice to know that we have things in common.

So Baker Chic was curled up in the living room with her book while the rest of us were playing poker. It was Match Sister, Nice Guy, LAX Guy, LAX Guy’s friend Sarcastic Guy, Match and me. Match Sister didn’t know how to play poker at all, and I only know a little bit, so it was nice to have another newbie. She was cracking me up though because she was so stingy with her chips. She’d barely bet and then you’d find out she had pocket aces. I had bad luck and was out of the game early on, but Match Sister lasted till almost the end, with a tiny pile of chips. I think Sarcastic Guy and LAX were getting frustrated because they wanted her to go out, but because she was so good at only betting quarters, she managed to make it last a long time.

While we were playing poker, Baker Chic got up and made us all some really yummy cookies. We’re so much alike in that way-I love to bake. She even gave me the recipe as we were leaving so I can try them out. They were these chocolate chip, oatmeal, rice crispy and coconut cookies. YUM.

It was a pretty fun night, althought Match was kind of grumpy. He was really tired and so he wasn’t as peppy as he normally is. He sort of ignored me and he was a little bit sassy with everyone while we were playing cards. I think he figured it out halfway through the night, and he reached over and squeezed my hand. One of the things I love about Match is that he notices the little things. I know a lot of guys who ignore their girlfriends when they’re in a social situation, and if the girl points it out, they get defensive. With Match it wasn’t that way-once we got home I mentioned how he’d been and he apologized. He also wasn’t that bad, just compared to his normal affectionate self, he was having an off night. I also love that Match’s version of an off night is not being quite as talkative as normal.

When we got all snuggled in bed we had one of our many nice talks. My favorite part of the day is getting into bed and talking till we fall asleep. I am so excited for Fire Academy to end so that we can stay up late and then sleep in. Only two more weeks!!


    Heather Leigh

    Aw, I hope these 2 weeks fly by for you guys! Wrapping up school or work projects cause stress. You should make him take a week off after and not leave the bed at all for that week. 😉


    Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me 🙂

    Coast Sister

    What a fun night!!! I’m horrible at poker. I always bet to much on something dumb or am stingy so I can stay in the game longer. ha!


    Poker, LOL!!! I love it. I am glad you guys had such a great time. Last time I played, it was to get out of chores. Is the recipe one you can share??? Yum!

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