Tis the Season to Stress Out

When you walk through the door, does it feel like you are being slapped in the face by Christmas? -Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

This week I haven’t been myself, I’ve been an irritible little stressball. I’ve been sad about the Brazil stuff, worried about money, and stressed out about my family coming into town. My stepmom was making it feel like it’s my fault that the Brazil stuff didn’t work out. My stepmom wanted to stay at their house for the week of Christmas. Did I mention my stepmom is intrusive and completely pushy? Everything has just been weighing on me, and I’ve just been a mopey, stressed out little mess. I haven’t even gotten into the Christmas spirit like I normally do. Last night I think Match had enough of my blue mood and set out to snap me out of it. 

After work he suggested we go for a run, something I haven’t done since my half marathon, way back in October. So we went out in the cold, and took off for a jog. It was so nice running with him! We haven’t done that since we first started dating, and I enjoyed it a lot more in the cold rather than the hot summer afternoons.

After our run we went Christmas tree shopping, something that I knew would definitely drag me out of my funk. Funds have been very low this year, and we didn’t want to waste our money on a dead tree. We decided to start up a new tradition and buy a live tree that we would nurture and keep alive and use again next year. The idea is that we’ll have this tree which once it’s too big for a pot, we’ll plant somewhere, and when we have kids we’ll be able to bring them to tree and point out that it was our first tree together. Then we’ll do the same for the kids; we’ll buy a live tree and then plant it somewhere when can go back to and watch grow. It was all Match’s idea and I love that he thinks like that. I love it when he says things like, “our kids”.

Even though I knew it was a lovely idea, this buying a live tree and nurturing it thing, I also knew it meant getting a small tree. Still, I hoped we could meet in the middle and at least get a 2 or 3 ft tree. So you can imagine my disappointment when we end up with this measly little tree that could barely fit ornaments on it. It’s a pretty little tree, very healthy I might add, but it’s TINY!! I know my big brother is going to make so much fun of me when he sees it. His whole family (wife plus 2 wee toddlers) are coming to stay with us for the week of Christmas. I wanted this big glorious tree, but the cost of a live tree that actually looks like a Christmas tree was ridiculously expensive.

Still, as pathetic as our tree is, I think it’s cute. It also represents these trying times we’re all going through financially. Plus, just think how much I’m going to appreciate that big beautiful live tree we get someday? And maybe, just maybe if I don’t kill this one over watering it, we will be able to enjoy this tree next year. Hopefully it’ll be just a little bit taller. Here is a picture of Match putting the lights on the tree. I think it’s really funny that the Christmas lights make his crotch glow.  I commented on it and made up a little rhyme last night. “The lights were hung on his balls with care, in hopes that Date Girl soon would be there!” Match started cracking up and we ended up in a giggly heap on the floor. It was exactly what I needed to get me out of my funk.



    You guys are in the same situation we are, glad to be making the most out of what we got. its all about being together right?


    That is the most adorable thing I’ve read in ages. You two are too cute!

    Heather Leigh

    Your tree is very cute! When I still had my old apartment, my roommates had this fake, 3ft. tall tree that they put on a stand down in the living room. I couldn’t deal with that, though. So I went ahead and got myself a real tree that was almost 5ft. and put it up in my room. Lots of people spent time in my room during the rest of the holiday season after that. 🙂

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