Feeling Safe at Home

Robin: Oh, my God. You’ve been robbed.
Ted: Nope. Just got rid of all my old girlfriend stuff.
Robin: All that stuff was from your exes? Didn’t you buy any stuff of your own?
Ted: What can I say? Papi got swag. –How I Met Your Mother

Last night Match’s dad and I got to talking over dinner about dogs. His dad likes to retell stories, and this one was one of my favorites. He grew up with an Afghan that was fairly aggressive, and in this case it paid off. Their house got broken into by a burglar, and the guy only managed to take a few steps before the dog had slammed him into the wall, literally. He was stuck in the drywall when Match’s grandparents found him and were able to call the police. Not a bad home security system!

It got me thinking though for those people without dogs to protect him, and the need for home security companies. I’ve never personally had an alarm system, just a few farm dogs I grew up with. Now that I live in California, I can see where a security system would be necessary. It seems like they aren’t too expensive to install, and they’d be worth it if it prevented someone from robbing you. I would also feel safe for those nights when Match is going to be working 24 hour shifts at the firehouse and I’m stuck home alone. Monkey isn’t exactly what you’d call threatening, so an alarm would make me feel more secure.

We’ll see what happens when we finally get a home of our own. Maybe we’ll luck out and an ADT alarm will already be installed for us. 😉


    Heather Leigh

    Way back when I lived in Riverside, we had Brinks. And we only needed it once, but we were thankful we had it (my family, I mean). We feel safe now where we’re at, and we have a system that we don’t use….but it definitely makes you feel far more safer than not! ESPECIALLY here in CA.


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    Penny Lane

    Whoa! That’s some dog. I can’t believe the guy was stuck in the drywall!

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