I’m So Thankful

Gratitude, appreciation, giving thanks. No matter what words you use, they all mean the same thing. Happy. We’re supposed to be happy. Grateful for friends, family. Happy just to be alive. -Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Last night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Match’s entire family: aunts, uncles, cousins, the works. It was all so comfortable and easy for me, and I had such a nice time visiting with everyone. Match could walk away and talk to other people and I was perfectly content to make conversation on my own. I really hit it off with Match’s cousins, and at one point we all gathered around baby books of Match and his sis, and had a great time laughing at all the embarrassing photos.

I love how I fit in with Match’s family so well. At one point he leaned over and whispered to me, “you are so in!” It’s funny how drastically different it is with Match, in every way. I was thinking the other day about how obnoxious it was with my exes, like Crazy Guy for instance. All he every talked about was coffee, whether he was with me, friends, or family. Everything was about coffee beans, coffee franchises coffee coffee, all day long! Also, all his friends and family talked about was coffee, so I felt left out of every conversation. It’s not like that at all with Match, and I appreciate it so much.

Whenever Match went to do his own thing and socialize, he’d always come back and apologize for being away. I loved that, even though I wasn’t bothered a bit. Still it’s so nice that he checks in, without even being asked.

Match has an adorable little 2 year old cousin, who I of course had to play with. He;s one of those super huggable little boys, and I spent most of the evening tossing him up in the air and making him giggle. As I was spinning him around in circles, one of Match’s other cousins leans over to him and says, “So I take it she wants kids.” Match just grinned at him and said, “We’ve already got names picked out.”

As we sat down to eat, I thought to myself of all the things that I’m thankful for this year. I’m thankful for Match’s family, and how accepting they are of me. His mother already feels like a mother in law, and a great one at that. I’m also starting to feel that Match’s sister and I could become great friends. I’m grateful for my friends, my own family, and most of all, my Match. These last five months have been a blur, almost something out of a dream. I keep pinching myself to make sure it’s real. I’m so excited that I’m able to spend the holidays with my other half. Every year it has always felt like something was missing, and now I know what it was. It was him. 🙂



    Awe great post! Glad you had such a good time 🙂 Also cute shirt by the way.

    Coast Sister

    Okay I seriously almost just cried reading that. I don’t know if I’m just emotional today or what. I’m so glad that you found Match. He really has no idea how he has made your heart smile. You’ve always been sweet and loving but now you’re bursting at the seams with JOY!!! I’m so happy for you….hence the tears welled up in the corner of my eyes.

    Mama Drama

    I’m right there with Coast sister. My eyes welled up with tears of joy for you and Match. I’m so happy for you guys and so glad that you are hitting it off with his family. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂


    Aww love this post! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Heather Leigh

    Aw, what a lovely Thanksgiving!! I hope this works out for you. How awesome! He sounds fierce!!

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