Every Girl Needs a Lil Jewelry

Logan: I got a surprise for you… cover your eyes
Max: Is it a new carburetor? It is, isn’t it.
Logan: No.
Max: Flowers? Jewelry?
Logan: Since when do you wear jewelry?
Max: I’m open to the idea!
Dark Angel

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry, but ever since Match put the idea in my head, I can’t stop thinking about it. I guess even us non-girlie girls are allowed moments to be, well, girlie.

In my never ending search for engagment rings, I came across this great website, with everything from diamond jewelry to sapphire jewelry, my birthstone.

I like that the site is clean and straightforward, with easy search options by color and price. They also have a section for Christmas jewelry, which gave me some ideas for my mom. My mother wears jewelry a lot more than I do. She didn’t pass on that ability to match jewelry with outfits. Normally when I wear jewelry my earrings don’t go with the necklace and it all ends up looking ridiculous.

That’s another cool thing about this website-they have a section called sets, which shows earring, bracelet and pendant sets. So basically it’s fool proof for the unexperienced jewelry wearer. Or for sweet boyfriends or husbands who want to get their lady something pretty for Christmas. 😉


    Heather Leigh

    Very nice! I’ll have to check that out!


    My ideal engagement ring is £35,000 which I think is a bit much…


    My birthstone is the Diamond, but I go weak when I look at a deep beautiful Ceylon Blue Sapphire!!! Want to trade? LOL


    I don’t understand why they are so cheap?


    Happy Thanksgiving!

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