Being a Part of the Family

Every American family has its own unique blend of personalities, my family was no exception. Within our four suburban walls we ranged the full spectrum of types. From the flamboyant, to the demure. From the repellant, to the ideal. Somehow, we managed to fit together in a kind of fragile alliance. One for all, and all for one. -Narrator, The Wonder Years

Last night I met Match’s sister for the first time, and it went far better than I could have hoped for. I was nervous at first, but Match just told me to relax and be myself.

We went to the store and bought Match Sister flowers so it’d be the first thing she saw when she got back to her old room. Then Match and I went for a really nice walk in the neighborhood. Match’s parents live up in the hills overlooking Santa Rosa. It’s absolutely breathtaking, especially with the fall leaves. We tromped around in the woods exploring places where Match used to go as a kid.

After our walk we curled up on the couch and Match took a nap on my lap. I don’t know what it is about those kinds of naps, but I was so comfortable with his head in my lap, just dozing together.  When Match’s sister came home, Match was still sound asleep, so I ended up greeting her on my own. I shook her hand at first and then just thought, you know what, I’m going to be myself. So I went for it and gave her a big hug. She seemed surprised at first, but she gave me a warm smile, and we immediately started talking. It wasn’t jilted or awkward at all. The conversations flowed easily, and instead of feeling left out, I felt like the five of us were one big family.

Match’s sister was laidback and goofy, but also incredibly intelligent. Still, I never felt like she was condescending in any way. We talked about when Match went to visit her while she lived in Russia and his poor mom had been so worried about them because they couldn’t communicate for awhile. I guess in Russia it takes two weeks for a visitor to get a SIM card for their cell phone, because they have to register it with the Russian government. I guess in Russia its one of the few ways they have to keep track of people. I love that with Match’s family we get into interesting discussions like that. I love my family but they are not what you’d call intellectuals. 😉

Match’s sister was a huge trooper for being so jetlagged. I figure if we can get along this well when she’s exhausted, imagine how we’ll be when she’s well rested. Tonight Match and I are meeting her at a downtown brew pub for beer and burgers. At work today Match’s mom told him that his sister told her that even if she were to meet me at a party, she thinks she would have gotten along with me. I completely agree-even if she weren’t my boyfriend’s sister, I think we’d be friends. I’m really looking forward to getting to know her over thes next two months.


    Heather Leigh

    Wow, glad it turned out great! I felt the same way the first time I met Derek’s sister. I was so nervous about it, but it went well. Different circumstances though, but none the less, I was relieved it wasn’t awkward. Is she in for the holiday season?


    I’m glad it went well! Sounds like you’re going to get on great.

    Coast Sister

    YAY!!! She sounds like she’d be amazing to talk to.

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