Reuniting with my Personality Twin

I’m not mad that your sleeping with Sloan. I’m mad that you didn’t tell me that your sleeping with Sloan. I’m mad at you. Because instead of telling me and admitting that your one of those girls who goes all pouffy when she gets a boyfriend, you disappear with your thing. (She walks away but stops) I don’t make friends easily. -Erica, Grey’s Anatomy

Ahhhh I’m sooo excited! Personality Twin is coming to town this Saturday! I haven’t seen her in so long, wow…She hasn’t even met Match yet! I can’t wait for them to meet, I know she’s gonna love him.

I’ve got our night all planned out-we’re going to karaoke it up at our favorite spot. It has a stripper pole for PT to dance around while I sing, haha! Before going out, we’re gonna spend the afternoon hanging out while Match is at class, which is perfect. We need some time to catch up and be girly before he comes home.

I think I’m gonna try to convince Match to bring his cousin out with us when we go out. We went out with him on Halloween and he’s a lot of fun. He’s our age, cute, successful and fun. He dresses nice, and wears  nice clothes, so I know he’s her type. He’s also pretty down to earth, and doesn’t seem metro at all. He already owns his own home, which is impressive. Now I am not trying to be a total matchmaker here, but if they get along and PT has a good time flirting, all the better. I just want to make sure she doesn’t feel like a third wheel. Though knowing us, Match will probably feel like a third wheel more than PT. Ha!

I really need this weekend after the falling out with Reality Check. After our nice talk awhile back, she really didn’t change her behavior. I didn’t hear from her for a week, and then when I did, she wanted to make plans on one of the few days of the week that I’ve told her repeatedly I can’t hang out. It was just another example of her not listening to what’s going on in my life, and everything being about her. I realized that I hadn’t missed not talking to her, and in fact I was relieved. So I wrote her out a long well thought out letter (which Coast Sister helped me compose) telling her how I felt. I basically “broke up” with RC. I felt bad, but it needed to be done, because the stress of our friendship was getting to me. I am sad in some ways, but mostly sad for her. Still, I think I made the right decision. Friendships are not supposed to be this hard. Yes you have to put forth effort, yes you need to be there for each other, but when it becomes constant stress and worry, it is too much. I don’t think RC and I were every as close as we thought we were. I think we were just two people who needed someone to hang out with. We didn’t agree on anything, and we were fundamentally different in almost every way.

Still even though I’m relieved to have said all I needed to say to Reality Check (and give her a dose of reality) I was sad because it just reminded me of how lonely I’ve been. When Match is in class I spend a good majority of my time alone. I miss my good girlfriends who are spread out all over. So Personality Twin coming to town could not have come at a better time. I think she must have turned on her friend radar. Can’t wait till Saturday!!



    I’m so excited for you! Have a great time!!! About RC, sorry to hear that. It’s hard, huh? I had a very close friend at one time, hmmm – Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman and I were roommates. She’s the one that managed the bar? Anyways, she got married and had children before I did. I was always there for her ’cause she had some hard times with her marriage in the end. When it was my turn, she didn’t show to meet my guy, she didn’t show for the wedding, she didn’t show for the birth of Puppy! It’s hard to know we weren’t as close as I had thought.

    Heather Leigh

    Oh man, I know how that goes. My BFF Sevy has been going that with our old friends from years ago (we all went to elementary school/junior high together). I stayed in touch (as much as possible, at that age) after moving, but she still saw them frequently. And as of recently, had a few falling outs. It’s always sad, and I myself fell out with a friend a few months back. All friendships grow and change; some survive, some don’t, but it helps you see which of the friendships have the deepest and long lasting core. Have fun with PT!!! 😀

    Mama Drama

    Yay! That’s so great! I’m so glad you guys are gonna get to hang out. Sounds like tons of fun. I’m kinda jealous. Hehe 😉


    Hope you and PT have a great time! I hate that about RC but I understand… I have a friend that I feel the same way about but she isn’t quite that bad. Makes for a difficult situation though!

    Coast Sister

    I’m glad that Personality Twin has such FABULOUS timing. I mean seriously, you couldn’t have planned it any better if you tried.

    I’m sad that you had to break up with RC but I think that it’s best for the both of you at this point in your lives. perhaps down the road you’ll be in a better place for your friendship to blossom but for now…it’s just been downright hardwork.

    Personality Twin and DateGirl imagine an extra glass there as you ‘clink’ yours together and toast….I’ll be there in spirit.

    Penny Lane

    Hey ya! I tagged you on my blog. Check it out!


    hhhh I’m sooo excited! I know she’s gonna love him.

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