My Boyfriend the Manchild

Cristina: Stop pouting.
George: I’m not pouting.
Cristina: Oh please, I don’t even have to look at you, I can feel you pouting.Grey’s Anatomy

I’m trying to get all my Christmas shopping done early, but getting something for Match is going to be a challenge. I can’t just get him some generic sports gifts or things like that. It’s gotta be special, something big for our first Christmas together. Also, after Sunday night I’m more than a little gift shy.

See, it all started with Match and I going to see his parents, who just got back from Europe. I was excited because I really missed them-we get together about once a week for dinner, and we have a great time. The only problem is whenever we go over there, Match reverts to a little kid. He whines, he sasses, and in general, he’s a 10 year old. It’s usually not that bad, and I do understand it. No one can turn us into children quite like our parents. Still, I keep thinking that the more we go over there, the better it will get. This was not such an occasion.

Match’s mom had brought us home gifts, and she was so excited to give them to us. It was cute how she was so eager for us to open them. She gave me this beautiful hand painted fan from Spain which I love. Then Match opened his gift, and you should have seen the huge pout on his face. It was like a kid at Christmas, who just wanted a bike sooo badly, and he goes to open his presents, and no bike. She had given him this tee shirt, and keep in mind, it’s a euro shirt, so it was tight fitting. Match also hated the phrase, “Have an Art Day”. He kept saying how ridiculous it was, and how he wouldn’t wear it. I glared at him and made him try it on. The thing is, I was always taught that you show appreciation for a gift, no matter what you think of it. If he decides not to wear it, fine. But if you had seen how excited his mother was, you would have wanted him to fake it too. I mean, the woman looked absolutely crushed when he said he didn’t like it. He wanted to give it back! At this point, he turned into a toddler. I think at one point I actually pinched him and told him to knock it off.

Finally we moved on, and sat down for dinner, which was amazing as always. His dad is a great cook, and I love eating over there. It’s never simple, and this was no exception-roasted lamb with rosemary and potatoes. Yum! So over dinner things seemed to lighten up and we talked about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and Match’s sister coming home for the holiday.

As we were getting ready to leave, I could see the jetlag set in for his parents. They both looked exhausted so we got ready to say our goodbyes and go home. I had just leaned down to say goodbye to Match’s kitty, Mowgli, when I noticed something on the dining room chair. I said, “Oh please tell me that’s his toy!” It wasn’t a toy, it was in fact a large, dead grey mouse. Mowgli was acting possessed and running around the room with it, flinging it in the air with what could only be described as pure joy. We all started cracking up, and also screaming and trying to get him to take it outside. We got him out the door, and then realized the kitty door was open, and before you knew it, he was back inside and placing his prize at Match’s mom’s feet. We finally got the cat and the mouse outside, and we all couldn’t stop laughing. Leave it to Mowgli to lighten up the evening!

On the drive home I did have a serious talk with Match about why it is that he reacted that way. He had actually been really stressed all evening, before he even got his present. He said that his parents make him feel like a little kid and it really stresses him out. Then when they treat him like a child, he starts acting like one. He apologized for making me feel uncomfortable, and the next day he apologized to his mom. We talked about him having to be the bigger person and act like an adult around his parents, and eventually they will treat him that way. I think part of the problem is he’s always been around, and was living with them after college, so in their eyes, he still is a child living under their roof. It will take time for them to treat him like an adult, and of course in some ways they’ll always treat him like a kid. It’ll just be how he handles it that will matter. And for me, I know I’ll have my moments around my family. They are far away, so the moments are less frequent, but deep down we’re always big kids around our parents. The fact that he apologized, and was aware he was doing it showed just what a good man he is.


    Penny Lane

    I think it says a lot that he knew why he was acting that way. It sounds like he’s really self-aware, and that’s a rare thing.

    And yuck-o on the mouse! Mice are so gross!! They spread the plague! My fingers are crossed you and Match didn’t catch it lol.

    Heather Leigh

    Ha ha ha ha, oh man, that mouse story is flippin’ hilarious. A squirrel had been locked in the cabin when Derek and I went up there. You should’ve seen me on the chair shrieking about how it had rabies. He yelled at me to go in the bathroom, where I hid, hoping he wouldn’t get bitten (the squirrel was HUGE!). But anyways I know for a fact I act like a baby when it comes to certain members of my family. Lucky for you, Match sees it. At least he is aware, and willing to correct it. I’m aware, still haven’t gotten around to correcting it, though. :/

    Coast Sister

    OH MATCH……

    It’s okay I still argue with my mom like I did when I was 13…so don’t feel bad.

    And the mouse is GROSS!!! I haven’t had any mice here in my home. HOWEVER, we have a pond in our backyard and we get some gross bugs sometimes that my dog loves to chase after. GROSS!!

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