Our Old Couple Ways

James: Ok. You guys are still going out with us tonight, right?

Ted: “No.” Robin:”No.” Lily: “Jammies”

Marshall: “Tonight? It’s after 9 and I have warm soup belly…”

James-No No No No NO-You guys are young, attractive people here on the greatest city on earth. There are boys and girls in nobody cares Wyoming wishing they could be here. But instead they are in someone’s basement drinking bad malt liquor debating whether they’re going to spend their Saturday night in the parking lot of the feed store or in some other dude’s basement. YOU OWE IT TO THEM TO RISE UP. SHIMMY YOUR LAZY ASS INTO SOMETHING HOT AND GO OUT THERE AND LIVE THEIR DREAM! CAN I GET A HELL YEAH? –How I Met Your Mother

Saturday night was the second Halloween Party, this time with a group of my close friends from college. We didn’t stay at the party too long because we were both pretty beat. Since Match had class all day Sunday, I got up early and decided to clean the apartment all day. I swear sometimes I wonder if I should be picking out term life insurance with the way I’m acting like an old lady these days! First we left the party at 11 pm, and then I’m getting up at 6 something on a weekend, and cleaning?! What happened to crazy party girl? The funny thing is, even when I was a crazy partier, I’d still get up early and clean. Must be my weird OCD/Virgoitis.

The house party was fun-and much more mellow than our night out on the town on Friday. We got Match’s hood to work better, and he was much more comfortable. The only problem was he had spent the entire day in the rain, climbing hills with heavy fire hoses for academy and he was completely beat. I felt bad dragging him out, but I really wanted him to meet all of my old friends.

Brazil looked adorable-she was dressed as a china woman-it was a tiny bit racist, especially since her hubby was dressed as a rice picker, and he’s white. No one seemed offended though, and she looked elegant in her floor length dress. She is 2 months pregnant and you can’t tell at all. I hope I look half as good as she does when I get preggers, my gosh she puts us all to shame.

Sunday was one of those blah days. It was rainy out which made me happy, but it was kind of boring. After I was done cleaning I had nothing to do, and I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I bugged Mama Drama and Coast Sister online for a bit, but they were both busy. I didn’t have the energy to work out after I spent all that time cleaning, and all I really wanted to do was hang out with Match. He got home early from class, and we took Monkey for a stroll, and then we cooked a nice dinner together and ended the night snuggled on the couch. After all the chaos and stress from Friday, it was by far my favorite part of the weekend. It was great to get out and feel young again, but I’m ok with our old couple ways. There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday night snuggled up with the one you love.



    I’m so happy things are working out with Match for you! I’m Asian and I find Brazil and her Hubby’s choice of costume funny!!! Life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously…it’s nice to sit back and laugh at it all. The fun with a costume party is to be able to be someone/something you normally are not, right? I’m glad you all had such a wonderful Halloween weekend. Love your blog!

    Heather Leigh

    Aww, I couldn’t agree more with being snuggled up to someone you care about in that way. I did that all weekend with my man. Alone, in a cabin, in the mountains. 🙂

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