Date Girl: The Movie

It was like something from an old movie, where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his buddy and says, “See that girl? I’m gonna marry her someday.”-Ted, How I Met Your Mother

So I was chatting with Mama Drama about if the Date Girl Diaries were a movie. We were trying to come up with who would play the cast, and we were having fun with it. Even Match got involved! So I thought it would be fun if you guys played the game with us.

The main cast would be of course me, Date Girl, Match, Mama Drama, and Coast Sister. We’d have appearances for the other characters, such as Brazil, Birthday Twin, Miss PHD, Couple Friends, Nice Guy, and Reality Check, and then bit parts for the exes (It’d be fun to cast those jerks, hehe). The first four are the ones we were focusing on when we were playing the game.

I think I have two actresses I’d love to use for Mama Drama and Coast Sister. For Mama Drama, she’d have to have a sweet, loveable personality, and of course a southern drawl if she could do it in a believable way. Both Match and I suggested Melissa McCarthy, who used to play the loveable chef on the Gilmore Girls, and who is now one of Samantha’s best friends on abc’s Samantha Who. She’s got spunk and character, and I think she could pull off Mama Drama. I can already see her attempting to chat with me online while chasing after her four kids.

For Coast Sister, this has to be someone who was not only beautiful, but also quirky and silly, and not afraid to be loud. She has to have a big smile, and a contagious laugh. I picked Alyson Hannigan because she encompasses all of those qualities. Plus I think her hair looks a lot like Coast Sisters.

Whoever plays Match would have to have a strong, Powerfull personality. Not like so many of those actors they have in romantic comedies, where they are gorgeous but with zero personality. Not so unlike hot guys in real life. I would like to think of my Match as an exception to that rule. 🙂 So I’m struggling with who would play him in the fictional movie Date Girl Diaries.

I’m also not sure who would play me. It’d be nice to find a shorty like myself (I stand at a towering 5ft). She’d also have to have a big smile, and not be too pretty. She’d have to have that I can be a goofball quality.

Sooo, once again I decided it’d be fun to make a poll. So tell me what you guys think: Who should play Match, and who should play Date Girl, if I were ever lucky enough to get a movie deal?


    Coast Sister

    AHHH!!! Lovin’ this blog. ha! I like Alyson Hannigan for me. She’s quirky like me. I wish that I were a size 2 like her though. ha!

    I chose John Krasinski for Match. I think that he would be able to capture Match’s charm perfectly…however, Ryan Reynolds was my second choice.He’s just not as endearing to me as John though…and Match is endearing. SOoo…yeah.

    I chose Reese Witherspoon for you because #1 you’re both tiny #2 because she’s able to pull off the nerdy but cute vibe. JUST LIKE YOU! ha! (we all know you’re a dork at heart)

    And from what I know about Mama Drama she seems to be well cast also. Bravo.

    I’d like to help with the production of this movie. looks like it’s going to be an all-star cast.


    Absolutely enjoyed reading your stories! I also experienced a lot of heartbreak in my younger years, then I got married and divorced. I now have a wonderful fiance I met on EHarmony! I think all of that heartbreak was to prepare me so that I could recognize “Mr. Right” when he finally came along!


    I like your blog and the fun poll. I voted. This is a cool concept you came up with. Nice job on your blog too.


    AHHHHAHAA love this post! I totally voted. This blog could def be a movie!!!


    I went with Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore, mostly ’cause I want to see any movie with either of those two in it. (I mean, I watched “Just Friends” and “Because I Said So” at the cinema, despite figuring they’d be appalling. And I was right!)

    Melissa McCarthy and Alyson Hannigan are awesome… what a creat cast this would be! Have your people call their people. Come one, let’s get this into devlopment!

    Heather Leigh

    I voted for Jakeypoo and Reese. Cute couple in real life. I’m sure they compare well with you and Match. 🙂 Good luck getting that movie going! You NEVER know!! 😉

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