My Itchy Weekend

Dr. Wyatt: What is going on?
Trevor: Love reborn, sugarplum. It’s like a bad rash, you know? Can’t be stopped. Goes away, comes back…
Dr. Wyatt: Itches.
Trevor: But it’s damn gratifying to scratch. –Cupid

Match’s parents are out of town for the next two weeks, and we had planned on housesitting their place. I love his parents house! Not only is it huge, but they have a pool and a hot tub. I planned on spending my evenings when Match is at the academy curled up in his mother’s rocking chair (the one she’s going to give me when I have Match’s kids, hehe) with a good book and a cup of apple cider. Their house is up on a hill overlooking the valley and all of the trees are starting to change color for the fall. Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite time of year? If Match and I get engaged, I want us to get married in the fall.

Well, it was just my luck that my skin decided to rebel against all of my plans. After my half marathon last weekend my muscles were a wreck, so I put some sports creme on them. I guess I was allergic to something in the cream because I broke out with this horrible itchy rash all over my thighs, calves, and the backs of my knees. It really kills! It’s finally starting to go away a little bit, but it means no hot tub for me. When I get warm it hurts about ten times more 🙁 You can imagine what that has done for my sex life with Match!

I’m also super worried about Halloween now because my skirt is incredibly short, and there is nothing less sexy than Alice in Wonderland with a rash! Ewwww! Hopefully I’ll be feeling better in the next few days. I think my bad mood has rubbed off on Match. I also think the horribly demanding schedule he has is taking its toll, and I can’t blame him a bit. I’m trying to figure out something I can do for him that will cheer him up. I’m hoping carving pumpkins at his parent’s house and having a nice dinner will help a little. I’d love some suggestions from you guys!

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    I’m sure match will find you sexy as Alice, rash or no rash 🙂

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