Absence Makes the Heart Fall Madly in Love

I missed the hell out of you. I really did. -Dr. Cox, Scrubs

So last weekend was the big weekend away in Tahoe for work. It was hard leaving Match, but I was excited for a change of scenery. After an unbelievably long drive, I ended up at the hotel, which was gorgeous. I’ve never had the chance to stay in such a nice place before, and I was in awe. My room had a living room, a hallway, and a separate bedroom. Just for lil ol’ me! But despite the luxuries, I had a horrible time sleeping all weekend. I guess I’ve just gotten used to falling asleep snuggled up next to Match. He calls me his koala bear because I wrap around his back when we sleep.

After the meetings and the quasi work stuff, my coworkers and I decided to go bar hopping. I knew Match was worried because in our relationship neither of us has been drunk around the other. We’ve both been slightly buzzed, but never full on drunk. He trusts me, but he was nervous, and trying so hard not to be. He’d been cheated on by a girlfriend in the past when she got drunk, so I completely understand his concern. Still, I thought it was cute how he tried to hide his worry from me. I kept calling or texting him throughout the night, and I was surprised when he was still up at midnight. He kept saying he was just nervous about his fire academy midterms and that’s why he couldn’t sleep. When I finally crawled into bed at 3:30am, with the room spinning and the start of an outrageous hangover already beginning, I could hear the relief in his voice that I was back at the hotel, safe, and alone.

I think it’s so great that Match is so open with his feelings, I’ve never experienced that before. He isn’t afraid to show me his vulnerable side, and I respect that. It’s nice to hear that men experience the same kinds of fears that us women go through.

It was only a weekend apart, but when I got home it felt like I had been gone a month. I ran into Match’s arms and we didn’t let go all night. He’s my best friend, and I love that the two of us are equally crazy about the other. It was fun getting out of town and partying with all my work pals, but it would have been twice as fun if Match were there. I can’t wait till the Christmas Party when I can really show him off!

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    Your entries always make me smile 🙂 I’m so happy for you. I was surprised at how much I missed Adam when he went home, its amazing how fast you get used to having someone around.

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