Leaving on Business

Guess where I am going? I’ll give you a hint: It is a booze-fueled sex romp where anything goes. [looks to camera] You are correct, sir! I’m headed to Philadelphia for the Annual Northeastern Mid-market Office Supply Convention! -Michael, The Office

This weekend I will be going out of town for business. Actually, my work is hooking us all up with rooms at the embassy suites in beautiful Lake Tahoe! I’m so excited-I haven’t been up there since I was a little girl. The only bummer is that Match won’t be able to go, even though I was allowed a guest. He has fire academy all weekend, and midterms. So I will be stuck in a fancy hotel room and won’t get to truly take advantage of it.

I still can’t believe the office supplies us with such a great location for our semi-annual meeting. This is the first time we’ve had one of these meetings on a weekend, and it will be work but also fun. My coworkers have been calling me asking if I’m ready to drink. Um…NO. The last time I went out drinking with Match, I had one drink and I was toasted. So I’m pretty nervous about this time around, mixed with the fact that I have never drank around my coworkers in the year and a half I’ve been here. I am the youngest employee, and I don’t want to act foolish. I will probably end up getting one drink and then just ordering mineral water and calling it gin. 😉

Poor Match has been a little worried about me heading out of town, and more concerned about the drinking with my almost all male coworkers. I reminded him that I work for an IT company, so all my coworkers are huge nerds. Not only that but I am not about to get drunk and do something stupid to jeopardize the two great things in my life: My relationship with Match Guy, and my job! Still, I think it’s so sweet that he gets concerned just like I would. He trusts me, but he voices his worries, and I like that about our relationship. We can talk to each other about our fears and air them out, instead of letting them boil inside and drive us crazy.

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