My Stressed Out Man

Michael: Tobias, are you sure that this dolly isn’t related to your recent health problems?
Tobias: OK, so my legs and my left arm occasionally go to sleep, and you wanna’ call it a health problem.                                                                                                                            –Arrested Development

I’m worried about Match’s health. This new schedule is taking its toll on his body. He’s been tired, cranky, all the things that are not my Match Guy. He woke up this morning a complete wreck. He was so deliriously tired that he stood up, and then practically fell asleep standing up. I nudged him and he looked at me bewildered. I told him to come back to bed and he just collapsed into my arms. Poor guy! I will be so relieved when he is done with fire academy and actually has a day off.

With all his working and stressing out, I’m worried about him, so I’ve been checking into the healthcare products offered by Johnson and Johnson. I’m amazed by the variety of products they offer. Everything from pain relievers to soap and the more well known lotions. I didn’t even realize that Johnson and Johnson made Tylenol. With the way poor Match has been feeling, so sore after working out at academy, lifting heavy ladders while wearing all his gear, I just might have to stock up on their pain relievers!

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