Our Nightly Routine

Tell her that her butt looks like an apple and you wanna take a bite. -Tracy, 30 Rock

The potluck went pretty well with Match and my friends mingling for the first time. At the beginning, it was incredibly awkward. No one would talk to each other, and I am pretty sure I could hear crickets. After we got some wine flowing and I busted out the game Apples to Apples, everyone seemed to relax and actually have fun.

It cracked me up when we called it a night-it was only 11! But Match and I were both exhausted, and he has to get up so early these days. I am missing our weekends, and I can’t wait for him to be done with his fire academy. I keep myself plenty busy, but it would be nice just to have a weekend to ourselves where we could sleep in, make breakfast, maybe go to the park.

So for now, we’re on quite the little old couple routine. Even our evening ritual feels so comfortable for having only been together 3 months. We brush our teeth together, I put on myTriclear acne treatment, we both put on our night cream and we go to bed. How pathetic are we? So around 5am this morning we both got the same idea to break the monotony of our routine. We had a little morning nookie and started the day with a little extra skip in our steps. 😉 Sometimes it’s fun to change things up. Still, I’m anxious for January to get here so we can really break out of our routine. I’m hoping for a trip somewhere.

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