A Lesson in Bladder Control

Marcel, bring me the rice, come on. Bring me the rice. Come on. Good boy, good boy. Come here, gimme the rice. Thank you, good boy. Well, I see he’s finally mastered the difference between, “bring me the…” and “pee in the….”-Ross, Friends

I was so excited for Labor Day weekend to get here. I had grandiose plans of romantic dinners with Match, and relaxing evenings spent without a care in the world. Because of fire academy those didn’t happen. Also, I happen to be training for a half marathon (did I mention that?) and spent all day Sunday moaning in pain and recovering my knees after running 12 miles in two hours the previous day. Still, we managed to have a great weekend, until Monday, Match’s only day off.

Match’s parents were out of town in Carmel, so Friday night we had a few friends over to their place for a potluck. We had some great bbq, and I drank entirely too much wine. We invited over Match’s best friend, Nice Guy, and also Couple Friends. We spent the evening laughing and joking around, and it was just a good night. The next day I ran the grueling twelve miles and spent the rest of the day on the couch covered in ice. I did manage to do a lot of scrapbooking, a project I’ve been trying to finish for the last two years. It’s of my college years, and I want to finish it so I can start on my life now, with Match. 🙂

Sunday afternoon was by far the best day of the weekend. I had a surprise for Match, to celebrate him getting his EMT certification. We went to the park and I had a whole picnic packed. We munched on sandwiches and potato salad, followed by champagne and strawberry shortcake. He was floored and so grateful. We toasted in the park to new beginnings and to the next stage in life.

Labor Day was supposed to be a great holiday day off. The last day of summer, a final day to rest and relax. Instead it was a test of our nerves, and the realization that neither Match nor I are in any way ready for kids. After a great night of sleeping in, I decided we should take my dog, (whose nickname is Monkey) to the beach. I was feeling so guilty for not spending more time with him lately, and I thought it would be fun. So we loaded up the car, and headed out. When we got there, the first thing my dog does is drag me down the dirt path to the river, where I narrowly missed impaling myself on a tree branch. Then when we reached the water, I let him off his leash where he proceeded to splash me in the face with dirty water. As we were finally able to sit down and relax, my dog started whining nonstop. We both looked at each other helplessly, because we couldn’t for the life of us figure out what was wrong. The whining got louder and louder, and finally Match threw a stick for him out of frustration. Apparently that was the golden ticket. Unfortunately, whenever he stopped throwing a stick, rock, whatever was nearby, my dog would start up his howling again. It was pathetic to see just how needy my dog has become. I am in dire need of a house with a backyard.

It wasn’t all bad-Match and I had a good time frolicking in the water and watching my dog attempt to swim. He swims with his mouth hanging open and tries to drink the entire river. It’s kind of funny to watch because he’s snorting and sputtering and really if he just shut his mouth he’d be fine. I wonder if they teach swimming classes for pups?

On the way home, traffic was terrible, and I was feeling tired and worn out. Match and I were both a bit grumpy, because I think we’re coming down with colds. All we wanted to do was get home and shower and spend some much needed naked time together. As we’re driving all of 5mph on the freeway, I hear this weird noise behind me, which I mistook for Monkey licking his chomps in my ear. I was driving, so I glanced quickly behind my shoulder only to see Monkey piddling all over the seat, without a shred of guilt. He was wagging his tail and I swear to god grinning at me. I was so unbelievably angry at my dog. Now I know how my mom must have felt when I was particularly bad as a kid. I was furious!

After that afternoon, Match and I decided to go to his parents house and unwind. They cooked us a tasty dinner and we shared laughs over the puppy mishaps. His mom teased us about the dog, and how it’s good practice for our patience. After dinner she said she had a present for me, from their trip to Carmel. She came back carrying a giant book. It was this beautiful art book, full of pictures of animals. It was a children’s book all about zoology, which was my major in college. The inscription inside read, “Here’s another love we share…animals.” She grinned and said, I don’t have to tell you the first love we share. She said I could read it to my niece and nephews, and of course to my kids one day. It was a great gift, I was speechless. It was so thoughtful. It was a great way to end our rough day.

When Match and I came home Monkey had destroyed the bathroom. We had left him in there in case he had another accident. Well he panicked and tried to claw his way out through the door. After cleaning up that mess, we finally collapsed into bed. We were laughing though, and we both agreed that a bad day together was better than any day apart.


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    Oh Date Girl…

    Everytime I take my dog to the beach I swear to myself that I will NEVER do it again. And then it’s like I forget about how crazy she gets, and how gross she makes my car…and a few weeks later we’re at the beach and I find myself swearing that I’ll never take her again. HAHAHA!!! And so the cycle continues…


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