The Importance of Family

Michael: What comes before anything? What have we always said is the most important thing?

George Michael: Breakfast.

Michael: Family.

George Michael: Family, right. I thought you meant of the things you eat.

Arrested Development

Every since we met, Match and I have been all over each other like teenagers in love. So for our Friday date night, we decided to go where the teenagers go, and we headed to the local mini golf course. I managed to get two hole in ones (woot woot!) but still lost miserably. How is that possible?

Saturday I dragged poor Match to visit yet another part of my giant extended family and forced him to attend my 1yr old cousin’s birthday party. We were the only childless couple there, but it wasn’t too bad. My little brothers met him and of course he met their approval. After dinner we went to Match’s parents and cooked them dinner. That was a lot of fun because they’re not used to someone else cooking and taking care of them. Match made his famous seared ahi tuna and I busied myself with the caprese salad and the rice.

After dinner while Match was washing the dishes (good boy), his mother and I sat outside sipping wine and having a heart to heart. It’s so easy for me to talk to her, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. She asked me how I felt about the idea of Match and I moving in together, and I assured her I was thrilled with the thought. She said she was excited as well, and even suggested that we move in sooner than January. That took me by surprise, because I thought for sure a parent would want us to take our time. When we left Match said that she’s never warmed up to a girlfriend as quickly as she has with me. It feels so good to feel accepted by his family. It makes things so much easier knowing that our parents are so supportive of our little love match. Family is really important to both of us, and I love that we can be comfortable with both sides. Now he’s just got to meet my Dad and Stepmom, though winning them over will pretty much just require a handshake and a smile.

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    That was so sweet, spending time together with your family is very enjoyable. It’s good to hear that your family likes your husband, because in my case, they seen not to like my boyfriend, I don’t know the real reason. I have plans to talk with them while my boyfriend is not around.

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