There’s No Place Like Home

The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t, but in the end they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.-Carrie, Sex and the City

Last week Match completed his summer job that kept him up late nights. I am so so happy it is done. As a kick off to his freedom, we went on a road trip to Oregon, to visit my parents.

We had the car loaded up with my dog, my parrot, and my Match. It was an 8 hour drive, but it flew by. Originally we were going to stay in a hotel, but after examining the seedy-they-should-charge-by-the-hour-sorry-excuse-for-motels along the way, we opted to drive all night. After a long day of work you would think 8 hours in the car would have been torture, but with Match it was actually fun.

We had a great setup at my folks’ house. They have a little campsite built on the property, surrounded by trees. (I grew up on a quasi farm, complete with goats!) We had my parents camp trailer all to ourselves, with plenty of privacy. It was a little ways to walk up to the house, so we used the four wheeler most of the time. Poor Match didn’t know I was such a speed demon on the trails. He was hanging on for dear life!

We had an amazing weekend and the weather was incredible. Normally it’s about 60 degrees and it was in the upper 80s. When Match started getting crazy ideas in his head about moving to my home town (um…there is a reason I don’t live in a town with only two stop lights and where everyone knows when you sneeze) I had to convince him that it was a freak weather thing. He just laughed and told me he brought the great weather with him. I had to agree, sunshine and good times definitely seemed to follow this man.

My parents warmed to him as quickly as Match’s parents had warmed to me. At one point over the weekend, my mom pulled me aside with tears in her eyes and asked me if she could please like him, and asked if I would keep him around. She knows my track record sadly. I told her that this one was definitely going to be in the picture, of course as long as he wanted to be. She said she that there was something different about him, and the way the two of us interacted. She said she’d never seen me so relaxed and comfortable with anyone before. She said that we clicked together and it was obvious that he loved me. 🙂 My stepdad tried his gruff act but dropped it after about 5 minutes. Match had him laughing and cracking jokes back and forth.

We did so many things over the weekend, almost too much to write. We experienced the local “flavor” including guys with beer bellies walking around the county fair shirtless proudly displaying tattoos with their home town’s name on their bulging stomachs. So so classy. We also got to watch a bit of the rodeo, and eat our weight in yummy fair food. We checked out the local dive bar where a toothless man tried to give me tips on playing pool. As he walked away he whispered, “Good luck tonight” while eying me. We were both cracking up! We went to the beach and saw the lighthouse that my mother and stepfather were married in when I was 4.

We went for a run along the river where I think a total of five cars passed us in the hour and a half we ran. We cooked dinner for my folks, and Match made his famous Gin Fisses ( a really yummy gin drink that you must try if you’ve never had them. Trust me, they’re delicious). We got to sleep in, relax, and just be together. It was the nicest visit home I think I’ve ever had. It felt so right for Match to be there with me.

Driving home was just as full of conversation as the drive North. After all that time together I still wasn’t tired of his company, and I was thrilled when he asked if he could stay over that night. We both wished we could have had a longer vacation, and going to work was torture the next day. I can’t wait till the next chance I get to bring him home.

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    sounds like a good guy.

    not a douchebag which is something i know a little about

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