Meet the Parents

Phoebe: Listen! You have to help me pick a dress ’cause I’m meeting Mike’s parents tonight!
Monica: Wow, the boyfriend’s parents! That’s a big step.
Phoebe: (Sarcastically) Really? That hadn’t occurred to me.
Monica: They’re gonna love you, just be yourself.

Yesterday I met Match’s parents. I have met my share of boyfriends’ parents in my day, and it is always a nerve racking experience. I normally do pretty well with parents but it always takes awhile to get comfortable. With Match’s parents though, it was different. Just like with Match Guy, it was just easy. The minute we met it was comfortable and relaxed.

His parents are as full of energy and enthusiasm as he is. It was adorable-his dad came rushing into the room with glasses of champagne and said he’d been saving the bottle for a special occasion. He raised his glass and said, “And you my dear, are a special occasion.” I was beaming.

After champagne Match and his parents gave me a tour of their house. They had a beautiful garden where we sampled tasty veggies and fruits right from the vine. We smelled roses and they talked and laughed and for some reason they reminded me of hummingbirds. Flitting around from place to place and talking rapidly. It was really cute, and their excitement was contagious. Match and I wandered around their backyard and I was mesmerized by the pool and the ambiance. He whispered in my ear that they loved me and he gave me his knee buckling grin.

We ate dinner and we talked about how Match’s Mom and I have the same birthday. What is with me and Birthday Twins? 🙂 I could tell in some ways we were a lot alike. She said that she knows I’ll get along great with Match’s Sister. She’s in Ireland right now, so I won’t get the chance to meet her for awhile. I hope I pass her test, because I know sometimes sisters can be tough to impress. Still the vote of confidence from Match’s Mom was encouraging.

After our incredible meal the parents left us alone and we took a soak in their hot tub. It was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening. When Match and I got back to my house that night he kept telling me how happy he was and how much his parents liked me. At the end of July we’re taking a road trip to my home town and he’s going to meet my parents. He told him he hoped he’d do half as good as I did. I already know they’re going to love him. I’ve never been so excited to bring a guy home before.



    Ohhhh! You passed the parent test! Now that’s great! Looks like a nice place to spend some time and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

    I’m glad things are working out!


    Wow… meeting the parents is always a tough one. Sounds like this guy might just be a keeper!


    Your guy sure does sound like a keeper. I bet you’re glad the parents meeting is over and done with.It won’t be so bad taking him to meet your folks, he can be the one to be nervous this time!
    Great blog.


    Hi, Date Girl! After randomly clicking through Entrecard, I managed to find myself here, and I must say that I’m enjoying what I’m reading so far. Off to my blogroll you go, I think. I’ll definitely be sticking around to read more!

    I do hope you and Match Guy work out. His family sounds as divine as he is! 😉


    Ooooo…so romantic..
    I can’t wait for part 2.
    Reading your blog is now like a soap opera or something 😛

    Dreamer Girl

    Hey girl! Glad It was a good experience! I’m going to meet my guy’s parents in a few months but I’ll have to travel to do it an I’m really afraid of doing it. They have been great to me over the phone, but face to face…Was it really so nice as you describe it?

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