The Different Ways We Connect to People

There are so many different ways to be connected to people. There are the people you feel this unspoken connection to, even though there’s not even a word for it. There’s the people who you’ve known forever who know you in this way that other people can’t because they’ve seen you change.-Angela, My So-Called Life

Last night I had another great night with Match Guy. We decided it would be fun to get dressed up and go out to a nice sushi dinner (my absolute favorite). Match showed up looking incredibly sexy in a green button up shirt and khakis. Green goes really well with his light brown hair and brown eyes. I wore a cute little dress I have that reminds me of the one Jennifer Garner wore in 13 Going on 30. Remember it ladies? Where she dances to Thriller? Just putting it on makes me want to do the dance. As it was, when Match saw me in the lil blue and brown number he twirled me around my living room and we swayed to the music in our heads.

We headed out to the sushi restaurant where the waiter recommended a particular sake to go with our meal. I’d never had such good sake in my life! It was cold, and it was actually sweet. It reminded me of an alcoholic horchata like you’d get at a Mexican restaurant. It was random but oh so tasty. We laughed at each other as we tried to drink it out of these traditional box shaped glasses where he’d filled the sake to the brim. I ended up slurping mine out like a cat, while Match laughed at me and did the same. It’s so nice to date someone where I can be my usual clumsy ridiculously goofy self and know that it’s ok. We were laughing the entire meal and I felt so comfortable.

Icing on the delicious cake that is my relationship with Match is the fact that all my friends adore him. Reality Check said “I like him, he has a personality.” That’s a lot coming from her, because she’s so quick to judge my guys. She’s overly critical but it’s appreciated. Match also met a couple that are very dear to me. The wife is a close friend I’ve had for the past four years. She’s from Brazil, and she’s my wild and crazy friend. She always speaks her mind, and she’s got a great sense of humor. Brazil is always upfront with me, a lot like Reality Check. She’s much more positive, and is very free spirited when it comes to sex. I think it’s a cultural thing but I can’t be sure. Her normal response to the guys I’ve introduced her to is, “He will be good for a fling, but I don’t see a future. Have fun and just play!” She has always encouraged me to live it up as a single girl, and sometimes I think she lives vicariously through me because she is settled down and married. I’ve always admired her relationship with her husband, Chill Guy, because it is so laid back. They are still very much in love, and they compliment each other well. They recently went on a cross country road trip in an RV and had a blast seeing the whole country. I would love to do that one day with Match. But, back to Brazil’s review.

I emailed her Friday morning asking what she’s thought of Match when she met him the night before. I will share it with you here because it is just too good not to. Keep in mind, she calls me Baskin’ Robbins because as she puts it, I always have a flavor of the month. In her eyes she sees me as a heartbreaker, when in reality I’ve had my heart broken too. I tend to be the one to end the relationship but only because I see that it’s on its way out. Still, isn’t it funny how our lives look to others sometimes? It’s interesting. Ok, here is the email, in what can only be the best review I’ve ever had about a boyfriend:

I will be very honest with you. I really hope that I’m not jumping the gun here…after all you are “Baskin n’ Robins.” Ok so here it goes…I think he is the ONE. I got a really good feeling from him, but most of all I got a good vibe from both of you. He is definitely into you…as long as you don’t get bored…I think that he will be around for a long long time. Chill Guy happens to agree with me (which usually we have different view on things). I told him that I thought he was the one for you (and I would like to make it clear that I have never thought that of any other guy I saw you with) and Chill’s words were: “I think so too. Hopefully she won’t kick him off to the curb.” So, both Chill and I agree that your team has the ball (please don’t drop it) and he will want to play the “forever and ever” game with you (if you allow him).

That email made my day. It was like she echoed all the thoughts I’ve been feeling but was too afraid to admit. It is so soon, but I feel the exact same way. I think that Match really could be the one, as long as I let my guard down and really let him in. I’m definitely trying. The walls are slowly crumbling, and it feels so good.


    Mama Drama

    Yep…I totally agree with Brazil. Even though I haven’t met him or you for that matter. 😉

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. It’s just a feeling I’ve been having.

    I’m so happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to meet you when stop by during your road trip!


    I’m so happy for you, btw your dress is gorgeous.


    You give us single girls hope!
    Enjoy yourself!

    Does he have any single brothers?
    Hee hee hee



    You go girl! And as Josie says you give us single girls hope!

    I hope he is the one!

    Date Girl

    Thanks ladies, I hope so too. As Charlotte from SATC says, “I’ve been dating since I was 16, I’m exhausted, where is he?” I am hoping I found him.

    Brittany-thanks, can you believe I got that dress at Ross for like 20 bucks? Go Ross!

    Josie-haha, I wish because I would set Reality Check or Personality Twin up with his brother if he had one. 😉


    Loving the guy, loving the dress! 🙂

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