Honesty is Worth It

There’s an old saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” But is that really true? Or can the things not said today haunt you tomorrow? Everyone knows the truth can be painful. But it can also set you free. It’s a risk you take whenever you open yourself up to someone. I, for one, think that honesty is worth it. And who knows? You just might be pleasantly surprised.-Marin, Men in Trees

I still can’t believe it’s only been a week since I met Match for the first time. We have spent almost every day together since, and it just keeps getting better. Of course as with everything in real life, there are snags, hiccups, or bubble bursters. On Sunday I ran into my first snag with Match Guy.

We were sitting on my giant beanbag, better known as the love sack. I know, the name couldn’t be better could it? We were making out pretty heavily, and I wanted to slow things down. Far too often I have rushed things and then had it end quickly. I pulled away from his kisses and we started talking about us. I asked him if he was dating anyone else and he said that he actually did meet another girl on match before he met me. They had been talking for a few weeks, but hadn’t even kissed yet. At first I could see the bubble burst in my head, and my heart sank. Even though we just met and we just started going on dates, I was crushed. I could tell this guy was different, and the idea of sharing him was not going over well in my mind. But then he said that he got nervous and said that he wanted to tell her he was interested in just pursuing me but he was worried it was too soon. He got really nervous and asked if he’d scared me away. I was immediately relieved because all I could think of was I didn’t want to share. I told him that, and he laughed and said he didn’t want to share me either. He said he would tell the girl that he found what he was looking for. He said he wanted to tell her in person because it felt rude to do that through a text message or over the phone. I think just that he was so honest it showed real integrity. Plus knowing that I had really impressed him so much he was already ready to be exclusive felt great. As Coast Sister put it, “you knocked his socks off.” He chose me.

Still, with all this honesty, part of me felt that ignorance would have been bliss. When Wednesday came around and he was supposed to meet up with her, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly worried. We just met and I didn’t feel confident that he’d really follow through, that he’d really choose me. When you’ve been burned as many times as I have, it’s hard to have faith. So when Wednesday came around and Match called me and said he’d canceled on hanging out with the girl, and asked if he could hang out with me instead, I was thrilled. He came over and he kissed me and said, “I made my choice, you’re the only girl I want to be with.” I think I actually swooned in his arms.

Since then we’ve spent every day together. Match Guy met a group of my friends at a potluck where we spent most of the night canoodled in the corner together. My friends said they’d never seen me so happy, and I apologized for being so mushy. One of them laughed and said, “We’ve all been there, and when it’s on, it’s on, just go with it!” So I’m relaxing, and I’m just letting myself enjoy this ride. I love that Match Guy has been honest with me, even when he didn’t have to tell me a thing. It means I can trust him, and it shows that he has nothing to hide. I think that is something I really need, because I have a hard time trusting. And he is definitely worth it.



    This sounds like great news to me! I’m very happy for you and I hope your happiness with Matchguy continues to grow! You deserve it! πŸ™‚

    Keep us posted on the progress!


    Girl, he’s a keeper! But you already know that. πŸ˜€

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