Thrown a Curve Ball in Life

The thing about plans is they don’t take into account the unexpected, so when we’re thrown a curve ball, whether its in the O.R. or in life, we have to improvise. Of course, some of us are better at it than others. Some of us just have to move on to plan B, and make the best of it. And sometimes what we want is exactly what we need. But sometimes, sometimes what we need is a new plan.-Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

After my unbelievable hangover and remorse filled morning, Reality Check and I spent a great day together being girly. We went shopping and then hung out poolside and later had dinner. We talked about guys and I told her everything that had happened with the Potential Guy. She pointed out that I was pretty quick to judge him, and that even though things were confusing, it all stemmed from both of us being scared of a possible relationship. She said we both approached everything with the best of intentions, but ended up pushing each other away in our efforts to avoid hurt. So while we sat poolside, I texted PG that I would like to hang out in person, and talk, and maybe give the new start a try. We ended up talking on the phone and he said he was busy all weekend. He said that I was confusing, and he wasn’t sure about all of this. But he didn’t say no. He said that he was going to approach it with caution, and that he’d think about it. It was a good talk, and I felt better after it was over. I realized something after the horrible incident with Off Limits. I realized that PG was a guy who genuinely wanted to get to know me, and wasn’t interested in using me. We rushed things at first, and now he was trying to see what kind of person I was. And because he wasn’t all over me, I freaked out. I am so used to guys looking at me just as an object that I couldn’t see his actions for what they were, which was sincere. So we’ll see where that goes. I’m not sure anything will happen, but it was nice to talk to him again and tell him that I appreciated how sweet he’s been to me.

Later on in the day I got a strange phone call from the Unemployed Guy’s roommate. I was pretty surprised to hear from him but we had a good talk. He squashed the rumors about UG and the possible cheating. I knew he was being honest because he also talked to me about how UG is still unmotivated, still has no job and no life, and still hasn’t tried to do a damn thing to fix it. He said he wanted me to know because he knew the rumors must have hurt me more than UG, which they did. It’s good to know that he didn’t cheat, but I still don’t trust him. He had made a lot of promises and proclamations about his love for me, and none of that turned out to be right. Still, it is nice to know I wasn’t completely betrayed.

Saturday night made up for self destruction that was Friday night. I went out to karaoke and met up with my roommate and her man. The roommate has never been much fun, and this night was no exception to that rule. I quickly walked away from her and her boyfriend’s nauseating PDAs and turned to listen to the karaoke crooners. Sitting next to where I was standing was the most beautiful man I’d seen in months. He had black spikey hair, piercing blue eyes and a killer smile. I was immediately drawn to him. He had his classic hot guy side kick with him, the not good looking but funny friend. The three of us started talking and I got up only to go sing. When I came back they were waiting for me and bought me a beer. After I told the hot guy that I like to run, he pulled out his phone and asked for my number, saying he’d love to work out with me. Turns out he is a fitness trainer and a total fitness nut. I could use a guy like that around, so I gladly gave him my digits. As he got up to use the restroom I thought this was my lucky night. That’s when his friend turned to me and said, “Ok, I’m gonna level with you. My boy’s married.” Like a ton of bricks, right on my happy bubble. POP! Married? Seriously? What is wrong with all the men I meet? Either they’re immature and not ready to date, or they’re completely confused about what they want, or they are just assholes looking for a one night, or in this case, completely unavailable, yet flirting with me. It’s just not fair people.

In Married Guy’s defense, he wasn’t so skeezy. In fact, I ended up talking to him more, and a couple of times he saved me from other far more drunk, far more skeezy men. I asked him about his wife and he talked openly about her, so he wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was married. Except that he’d forgotten his wedding ring which I thought was weird. I told him that was blatant false advertising and not the least bit fair. I stopped flirting and just started talking to the two guys as people. It turned out to be one of the better nights out I’ve had in awhile. It was nice to know that they were just talking to me as a person, and it wasn’t that hook up dance that we all fall victim of so often. I definitely don’t plan on seeing Married Guy again, unless we run into each other at the bar. I completely respect marriage and wouldn’t dream of being that girl. Even if I were to run into him, I don’t think I’d say much besides hello. He has a wife, end of story. Hmm…wish PG could take a lesson from me on that.

After the bar, where I only had two beers and went home stone cold sober, I curled up in bed with a good book. It was definitely the best company I’ve had in bed since Birthday Twin slept over. I woke up this morning feeling great, not even the tiniest bit of regret. I need more nights like that.

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