Putting Me On Relationship Layaway

They say patience is a virtue and, like most virtues, we don’t know if we possess it until it’s been tested. If we are lucky, we have someone to take that test with us. And if we can pass that test, if we can wait long enough, we just might find the reward greater than we ever expected. The funny thing about waiting is it always seems the more we want something the longer we have to wait for it. Deciding to wait out the long haul shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it is an easier decision to live with than others.-Marin, Men in Trees

Well the back and forth with the Potential Guy continues. We were supposed to hang out Sunday and instead of a phone call, I got a text from him flaking on me. I was so frustrated and annoyed that I didn’t bother to respond. I felt like Off Limits was so right-he was just not that into me. He keeps stringing me along and I’m tired of it. So Monday I got a really apologetic text from PG along with a voice mail asking me to please call him back and hoping I wasn’t mad at him.

I called him after work and we talked for awhile. I asked him to be honest with me and to really explain to me what he wants. He said that he wants to get to know me, that he doesn’t think the dating chapter of our relationship is closed, and he’s confused on how to act with me. On the one hand he wants to be himself. On the other, he’s afraid I’ll react like I did on Wednesday and throw myself at him and have a hissy fit when he resists. He said he wants to be sure until he figures himself out that he doesn’t use me or lead me on in any way. I appreciate that so much, but at the same time it is so complicated. I even told him what Off Limits said about him being not that into me. He said that was bull, and he said to be frank he’s very interested in me but he just doesn’t want it to end badly. How can you tell someone you’re interested in them but say you just want friendship for now? What is that, putting me on lay away? So I’m kind of torn between getting to know him and telling him to call me when he gets a clue. I think for now there’s no harm in hanging out with him, but I’m definitely keeping my options open to new guys.

I made a decision last night to look at Potential as a friend and nothing more. He’s a great guy to hang out with and go on fun dates with. If something more develops, then great, but I am definitely not holding my breath. I would think he’d have to do something pretty huge to make me interested in him romantically. That door is closed, but I left the window open a crack. 😉


    Az Azura

    Hi I really enjoy reading your blog, and YEs men , they are complicated aren’t they!

    Friday Five | My Mama Drama

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    When women start hitting 40, focusing on men all the time is not that important anymore. Women become more mature, wiser, financially and emotionally stable. Usually this means that we are willing to wait for that special guy instead of putting up with that adolescent crap that goes back in forth in relationships with young people.

    Candy Girl

    I love the term, relationship layaway. Never thought of it like that but I think some guys do that for sure. Whether to protect themselves or wait for something better. Either way it sucks. It sucks even more being hungry for something, but not really knowing what that something is. Not desperation, just hunger. Like you want someone to want you, but you don’t always know how you want to be wanted…and if both of you are confused (or scared), it makes it even worse! Leaving the window open a crack. Now there’s another new thought. Very clever!

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