Craving Attention

Who cares what you are, just enjoy it!-Samantha, Sex and the City

Friday night I was planning on taking it easy. Just as I was settling into sweats and a good game of Guitar Hero, I got a call from The Younger Guy. He’s 21, and a friend of a good girlfriend of mine. He had tickets to see a great local hip hop band I love and insisted that I come along as his guest. We had a great night full of dancing and good beats. I guess I’m still getting used to this single life thing. I had one of those great nights where I was getting lots of attention from the opposite sex. Everywhere I turned I kept running into guys I used to know, guys I used to have crushes on back in college. It was a wild night! At one point The Younger Guy said man, I would hate to be a beautiful woman like you, you get harrassed constantly! I blushed and told him I really wasn’t used to this kind of attention, and it was pretty overwhelming.

I’m finding it hard not to crave that kind of attention on a regular basis. I wonder if this is something other women out there struggle with. When we’re single, we are kind of lonely, and that attention we get when we go out is validating. At the same time, it’s nice to have that closeness with someone we know who appreciates us for more than our looks. I just worry that I’m becoming something of an attention whore.

Friday night was eventful and fun. I felt bad for Younger Guy because I could tell he liked me but I just wasn’t into him. He’s a really nice guy, but call it a gut feeling, there is something about him that makes me hesitant. I’m happy to be friends and hang out, but I am not interested in him. I would definitely recommend him to a friend and I told him just that. I think he got a real kick out of that.

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