Now this Guy has Potential

“We were having one of those great first dates you can only have when it’s not an actual date.”-Carrie, Sex and the City

So after the Hooded Sweatshirt Guy debacle, I was kind of put off on going on a date. So Friday night I went out with a girlfriend for drinks and tried to put dating out of my head. We went to a local Irish pub and ran smack dab into Hooded Sweatshirt Guy. What are the odds?? My girlfriend ended up ditching out early, and I was still buzzed and it was only 10, so I stayed. I figured if anything I could have fairly ok conversation with HS for awhile before heading home, bummed and dejected.

After about ten minutes of the worst conversation I’ve ever had, I excused myself from HS and went to the bar. As I was standing in line I noticed a very cute guy with sideburns and a killer smile. He grinned and let me cut in front of him. I got my drink and went back to HS, only to discover cute sideburns was sitting at the table next to him. I made an excuse to walk away from HS and then went over to sideburns. He was yawning and I told him he couldn’t possibly be tired this early. He grinned and we started up a conversation. Turns out he was out celebrating a new job in the science field. I was excited because I got a degree in science as well. One witty comment after another, and I officially had to change his nickname to the Potential Guy. This guy was great! He had a good job, great sense of humor, killer smile, and I couldn’t stop laughing while we talked. We ended up hanging out with his group of friends until 2am. At the end of the night he got my number and I went home smiling.

The Potential Guy didn’t waste time; he called the next day and set up a date. It was crazy because this is exactly what I was waiting for. Someone to plan a night out with me. Not just call at 5 and ask what I am doing for dinner that night. This guy called and set up a date for the next day. He took me for a trip to the coast which is about 40 minutes from me. He dressed nice, he picked me up, and he took me to a classy restaurant for appetizers. We spent the day walking along the coast, and then driving to different coastal towns, getting food in between and laughing till our sides hurt. The date turned out to be over 11 hours long, and it was truly one of the best dates I’ve been on. The only draw back was I didn’t get the good night kiss. I’m not sure what it meant, because he did say he would call later in the week and we’d go to dinner, so there is hope. I am not sure I’m ready to be something more, but this guy definitely has potential to be more.

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